Tune Ups

Vehicle Tune Up Services in Germantown, MD

One of the most common services within our arsenal (other than oil changes) are vehicle tune ups. We keep your car running, check that everything is in good working order, and replace anything that seems to not be up to standard. This keeps your care working like the powerful and efficient beast that you have come to expect.

We start out by looking at your engine to see if there is any loss of efficiency. If we can find something wrong with any part of it, we replace it immediately. Some of the most common changes are spark plugs, fuel filters, and various fluids. Each piece receives a visual and a working inspection to ensure that nothing will be missed.

Even if the parts seem to be in good working order, we will check and see if they have gone past their stated lifetime. This helps ensure that you aren’t driving around with old parts in your car that can cause problems. This keeps your engine, fuel injectors, and all of your filters in the best working order possible.

We will also be sure to check under the hood so that all of your belts, hoses, and fluids are in the best state possible as well. This lets us cut off problems before they happen and keep your car in good health.

Once you get your car back, it should start faster, have an easier time running, and do its job in a much more efficient way. This means that you should be getting a better balance of power, fuel economy and much lowered emissions from your car. Even if your car was in good shape to start with, you should be able to notice a difference from the moment that you turn the key.

We recommend following the instructions from your vehicle manufacturer for the frequency of tune ups. If you cannot find this information, we can help you figure out the schedule that will work best for your car. If you feel like you need a check up before it is recommended, we encourage you to bring in your car and get it looked at as well.

Following the recommendations can extend the life of your car by quite a bit. This will preserve your value for trade-in, keep you from spending too much on gas, and ensure that you are safer when you are on the road and assist in passing Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspections. With correct maintenance you can preserve the original performance of your car for many years without any problems.

The biggest benefit to keeping your car up to date is the reduction of future repairs. Compared to most of our general auto maintenance services, a tune up is very cheap and takes very little time. It can prevent a broad range of issues that can all lead to costly replacements and lost time in the shop as well. You should plan a couple of hours for your vehicle tune ups, but we can get you a quick estimate as soon as you come into the shop. Often they can be done in much less time than you would think.

If you’d like us to provide you with an estimate for work to be done come by and visit us at our repair shop at the Milestone Liberty in Germantown, MD, or give us a call at (301) 353-8440. We’re located near the intersection of Ridge Road and North Frederick Road; and are conveniently located adjacent to to Quick Stop Beer & Wine and McDonald’s as well as the 7-Eleven.