Transmission Services

Germantown, MD Transmission Services

The most complicated part of your car is the transmission. This is why it is often the cause of so many problems. It controls large parts of the drive train system and can make or beaks your mileage and the overall performance of your car. Problems within this delicate piece of machinery can spread and get more costly as they go. Forcing you to get more expensive repairs and putting yourself at risk as well.

To ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently at all times, you need to make sure that all parts are properly maintained. The transmission is one of the most frequent places where problems can develop. If you suspect that you are having such problems, bring your car in to us for quality transmission repair services in Germantown.

We offer comprehensive transmission service & repair at our Germantown auto repair shop. No repair is too complicated for us. This means that we will take the time to fully check out any problem you may be experiencing and solve it to the best of our ability. We provide a wide range of such services so that you can avoid any serious problems in the future. By having your transmission checked and maintained, you can make sure that your car is running at peak efficiency. Not only does this help you avoid more serious problems, but it also saves you money by improving your gas mileage.

If something does go wrong with your transmission, we can repair or rebuild it within our shop. We will first go over it looking for any possible problems and then go over the issues that we have found with you. We will discuss options before we begin work so that you know what you are getting into as well.

As its name suggests, the transmission transmits the power from the engine to the wheels. If it is not working properly, your car just will not go anywhere. Even minor problems can result in a car that just sits there and refuses to run.Whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission, we can provide the assistance that you need to ensure that your engine is running smoothly. For example, we can change the fluid to make sure that everything is working properly.

Your transmission uses a special fluid that helps to lubricate the gears and keep them cool. However, over time, this fluid will start to degrade and become less effective. If you do not replace the old fluid with new fluid, your transmission can overheat and become damaged. We can drain off the old, degraded fluid and replace it with fresh fluid that will help everything work properly. Make sure that you have this service performed at the proper intervals. Putting it off for too long can cause serious problems.

In addition to lubricating and cooling your transmission, this fluid also serves to make sure that the proper hydraulic pressure is maintained at all times. Over time, however, the levels of the additives in the fluid can drop too low. If this happens, you need to have the supply of the fluid replenished.

We will remove the drain plug to let the old fluid drain off. We will then replace it with fresh fluid and make sure that it is filled to the proper level to ensure that your pressure is maintained at the right point.Your automatic transmission also has a filter that works to remove impurities from the fluid. Over time, this filter can become clogged and dirty, which can reduce the efficiency of your engine. By having the filter removed and replaced, you can make sure that everything is running at peak efficiency.

If you have a manual transmission, we can also provide the needed auto repair services to eliminate any problems. We can drain off the old fluid, add any needed lubricant, and check every part to make sure that there are no hidden problems. When you need transmission services, give us a call right away. We can give you the help you need to make sure that your car is running like a dream.